How I Earn Zar 1,415.88 Online Every Single Day From Bitcoin – See Proof


You want to start earning bitcoin online every single day, you are welcome to my blog. Here i will show you how i have earned over $6000 in bitcoin within 2 months (Zar 86,124.00).

Before i continue, i know that there are 2 types of people who will read my blog.

  • The ones who read everything, comment and ask questions, but never do anything.
  • And The ones who decide to take action ASAP.

The second group of people could make their first withdrawal by tomorrow if they start today, and they will get results faster than the rest.

Now let us get to business. There are so many ways to earn bitcoin online, but the best and fastest way to earn tangible Bitcoin is through trading and mining it. But this requires a level of skills and technical analysis.

Investing and trading bitcoin is the best and fastest way to make good money with bitcoin even on daily basics.

Personally i have earned over $6000 (Zar 86,124.00) in bitcoin in just few months, You will see my proof below.

Getting Ready

There are lots of trading companies out there, but here i am introducing you to one of the best and most reliable trading company on the internet today Bitspace Network

Bitspace Network is a leading world’s investment company specialized on cryptocurrency and forex trading for private, institutional investors and fund mangers.

They are professional traders who trade the market and make money from crypto currency, whether the value is going up or coming down. And that’s because they know when the value is going to rise and when it’s going to fall.  They are not really geniuses as you may think.

Just that they have professional market analyst and robust trading tools which give correct trading signals.

So if you’ll like to start cashing out big from Bitcoin or those other Crypto currencies, whether they are going up or coming down, this is your opportunity.

Read this till the end and see my recent payment proof to show you evidence that you can begin to earn bitcoin online today and change your life for the better. Make sure to take advantage of it.

Why I Choose Bitspace Network

  • You can start investment with as low as $50 (ZAR 707.06) and start earning big.
  • Bitspacenetwork provides the best bitcoin investment solution on the internet. You earn up to 100% or more of your investment in 30 days.
  • They have realistic payout plans, and not a get rich quick scheme.
  • You can withdraw your profit daily and no waiting period
  • You get 15% Referral for inviting people to Bitspace, which you can withdraw instantly.
  • Superfast customer support service
  • Instant Deposit and withdrawal processing

See Here, my earnings in less than 3 months of joining Bitspacenetwork –  Full Proof (Bitspace Network Pays)

When i first heard about bitspacenetwork, i was convinced this was a reliable investment company because i spent time reading on their website about how they work.

I was confident to make my first investment of $250 on the corporate plan. And after 30 days of the investment period, i created a withdrawal request, and i was able to withdraw to total amount of $682 including my referral bonus. I received a withdrawal confirmation email immediately.


And Indeed, after 3 network confirmations, i received my first payment on my luno wallet 0.125 equivalent to $682.00 (ZAR 10,400)



I made this video to show you live proof of my payment from bitspacenetwork.


So, after my first payment, i decided to upgrade to the executive plan, where i invested $1000. I was patient and watch my investment as it grew daily, i was disciplined not to withdraw my earnings until the investment duration is due. And just after 30 days, i was able to withdraw even more than double of my investment this time. $3788.00, including my referral bonus. You can learn the strategies i use to get referrals here.

Another Payment to my wallet – $3788.00 (ZAR 54,387) Paid  (Bitspace Network Pays)

And since my second payment, i have never invested less than $2000 in my bitspacenetwork account.
For you, i will advice you to start small, do not invest all your money until you are confident about the system. But if you really want to earn big, then you should invest big.

Bitspacenetwork is the most reliable bitcoin investment website on the internet today. I have tested and confirmed it. You can get started today and make your first withdrawal by tomorrow if you like. You can start with as little as $50.

I have earned so much from bitcoin, investing with a very reliable company. Most of the earnings also come from my referrals. You earn up to 15% of referral bonus.

Why You Need To Invest In Bitcoin Today.

Do you know that: As at Dec.12, 2011 – 1 Bitcoin was worth $3.19.

$100 would buy you a little more than 31 Bitcoin then, which would be worth $167,004.13 (ZAR 2,363,308.84) now.

Do you also know that:  Bitcoin trading volumes in the world is increasing sharply everyday, and are becoming an alternative investment channel for many people beside traditional channels such as real estate and gold.

Bitcoin seems to be the hottest investment trend these days. So hot, in fact, that some are mortgaging their homes to buy the cryptocurrency.

Don’t fall for scammers claiming to turn $200 to $250000 in 24 hours. Yes, you can make good profit investing in bitcoins without giving your money to anyone. Invest your money with a real and reliable investment company. Join me here

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I am Norman, i love bitcoin and i have earned a lot from it.

If you want me to show you how to get many referrals for your business and carry you along with the latest investment trends and the latest making money tips on the internet, you can subscribe to my email list, and I will always keep you updated. And I promise you NO SPAMS

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To Start Now
Create an account, click link here

A verification email will be sent to your email address. Click on the email link to verify your account

You will be logged in automatically to your account.

Click on investment plan, choose a plan and enter the amount you want to invest.

Choose a payment option.

Your deposit is instantly credited to your wallet.

Your profit begins to grow every 24 hours

Your profit grows Mondays to Fridays

You can withdraw profit anytime, however the minimum withdrawal amount is $50.

You will have to update your bitcoin wallet from your account control panel, this where your funds will be sent to on request.

If you do not have a wallet, please register it at the following address,, or

  1. Kimberly Steyl says

    This is really helpful. At least i have an idea now. I am more confident & can easily think about investing in it. Thank you.

    1. Norman says

      You are welcome Kimberly, please let me know if you have any issues. Endeavour to sign up with my link. Thank you

  2. melissa says

    bitspace is real, just started and i have received my payout right now on my wallet. good job

    1. Norman says

      I’m glad to know that you have received your payment on Bitspace network melissa. And you are right Bitspace is real

  3. Alfred says

    Please can somebody tell me how long it takes to get paid?

    1. Norman says

      Hi Alfred, all their investment plans has 30 days duration, you can choose to wait for 30 days before you withdraw. Or withdraw your profit anytime you want. The choice is yours.

  4. Motala says

    Hey, i have subscribe to your email. Please send me how i can get more referral to sign up through my link, a friend of mine withdrew over $340 only through referrals some days ago

  5. Constance says

    i receive my payment i invested $100, they are legit and real

  6. Ofentse says

    I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to earn money daily with a reliable investment company, i received my first payment this morning. $925.00. Very reliable

    1. Norman says


  7. Lawrence Ngobese says

    Please tell me how to get more referrals, i want to increase my earnings

  8. Sikhumbuzo says

    Trusted company , i was introduce by a friend and i made my investment yesterday and i was happily paid out and on time.

    1. Norman says

      Congrats Sikhumbuzo, did you sign up with my link?

  9. Deby says

    Hello, please how do i make deposit, i just registered and i have verified my account already

    1. Norman says

      After verifying your account, Click on investment plan, choose a plan and enter the amount you want to invest. Choose a payment option.

      Your deposit is instantly credited to your wallet, your profit begins to grow every 24 hours.

  10. Tajah says

    Hi Norman, I would like to thank you for all your assistance, advise as well as your perseverance you had with me. Always willing to help me. Today i have made my first withdrawal request, although i have not received my money into wallet yet.

    1. Norman says

      Thank you Tajah for your kind words, its always my pleasure to help. Again dont be scared, you will surely get paid when you make request. i have been withdrawing funds from my account without issues

  11. Herbert says

    this platform is really reliable, i made my first test investment and i have received all my profit plus capital. i think its time to scale

    1. Norman says

      Congratulations to you herbert

  12. Kekana says

    I have made my first deposit, i hope just they pay me

    1. David says

      You will be paid when you request for withdrawal.

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